Little Salterns


Little Salterns is a picturesque cottage set deep within the new forest. Our works on this project were quite unusual, as we were called upon to design, manufacture and install a fully enclosed weather tight glass link between the main house and annex building.

The brief was for the link to be as transparent and unobtrusive as possible so as not to detract from the beauty of the property, and a fully frameless design was realised with the walls and roof supported from canterlevering glass fins.

The overall height of the structure was limited due to the cottage’s thatched roof so the link had to be designed without any glass beams to support the roof meaning that the roof panels had to be of a suitable thickness to self support over the width of the link.

To further add to the challenge, we were also asked to include two doorsets within the design to provide an access route through the link to the rear garden.

Visually frameless doors would have been the preferred option, however these cannot be properly weathered so we instead offered stainless steel framed glazed doors within a flush finishing over-rebated frame which provided both a high quality finish and superior weather and draught sealing.


Completed in 2009


The New Forest, Hampshire


Structural Glass, Framed Glazed Doors