Simple flat glass can be transformed into an exciting three dimensional material by kiln forming. The kiln form process involves shaping and moulding glass at extremely high temperatures in specially designed kilns. The glass is taken to a near molten state where it sinks into the mould, taking on its shape and design.

We can manufacture kiln formed glass in a wide variety of textures and finishes, ranging from standard patterns through to one off designs which can also incorporate logos, graphics or text.

The design options of kiln form glass can be further enhanced by the addition of colour or silvering. Colour can be added by back painting the glass with one of our metallic paint colours, and when mirrored, kiln form glass takes on a spectacular metallic appearance.

It is possible to kiln form most types of float glass from 6mm to 19mm in thickness including specialist glass types such as low iron and body tinted glass. Kiln formed glass can be fully processed and can be supplied a toughened or laminated form.

Kiln formed glass is suitable for use in any application where flat glass would normally be considered and can be use in both internal and external applications.

Kiln Formed Textures

To further enhance your design options, all of our textures can be produced using clear, low iron or body tinted glass. We can also silver the glass or back paint in one of our metallic colours.

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