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Visitec narrow stile fire rated doors are designed to provide the maximum amount of vision and transparency while still maintaining a reliable and effective fire barrier. The doors are fully tested and certified to achieve 60 minutes of fire protection and the instinctive pull handle operation make these doors ideal for use in retail and commercial premises or indeed any application where an elegant, high quality glass door system is required.

Visitec doors can be specified as single leaf door, in pairs or as leaf and a half door sets and the system includes a full range of glazed screen options which can be used to construct literally any screen configuration.

The doors can be supplied with standard key operated deadlocks mounted within the top and bottom rails and also electromagnetic locking for access control purposes or electromagnetic hold open to allow free unimpeded access through the doors whilst ensuring they will close correctly in the event of a fire.

Visitec doors are available in two versions, Visitec FR and Visitec FRi.

Visitec FR is primarily for integrity only fire protection up to an E60 rating, however it can also be used for non fire rated and smoke control doors too. Visitec FRi offers the piece of mind of full integrity and insulation fire protection up to an EI60 rating.

As well as the slimmest profiles, Visitec also offers some of the largest tested door sizes available so whatever the opening size, we will have a solution for you.

Visitec FR Integrity only (E30 or E60 rating) Maximum height of 3070mm With leaf width not exceeding 870mm Maximum leaf width of 1170mm
With door height not exceeding 2220mm

Visitec FRi Integrity and Insulation
EI30 rating - max leaf size 1100mm x 2950mm
EI60 rating - max leaf size 1000mm x 2500mm