Flexibility and limitless design options are two of the reasons why special laminated glass has become one of the most popular forms of contemporary decorative glass and it can be used to great effect in all types of feature glazing.

Coloured interlayers
The colour is built up from a composite of individual coloured layers blended together during laminating. The 12 base colours can used to produce literally thousands of different colour combinations.

Digital printed images
Used to create limitless effects such as photographic images, multi colour designs, fade outs and geometric patterns. The image is fully encapsulated within the glass so unlike an applied film would be fully protected from external damage or wear.

Fabric and mesh laminated glass
The latest laminating technology is used to incorporate fabric and metal meshes within our laminated glass offering a simply stunning array of finishes and visual effects. As you would expect we can further enhance the panels with etched, painted or mirror backing to increase privacy levels or to fully opacify the product for wall cladding application.