An all glass façade can be used to produce a visually striking entrance, complimenting all types of building, and working equally well within a contemporary or traditional styled structure.

The latest glass door systems are designed to deal with requirements for much large doors, and can also accommodate thicker glass (15mm or 19mm).

Requirements such as access control or emergency escape can also be catered for and screens can be designed inclusive of automatic or revolving doors, all of which ensure that the aesthetics of a glass structure are not gained at the expense of performance or functionality.

Frameless glass frontages are also used extensively within retail applications. Not only does an all glass frontage enhance the visual appearance of the store, it also provides the maximum possible display area, and invites customers into the store by removing the visible barrier present in a traditional framed system.

Larger and more elaborate assembles are also possible using structurally glazed systems, further details of which can be found within the structural glass solutions section of our website.