Wings of Wisdom


This unique piece was created as a private commission for the hospital to commemorate the site's contribution to world war two as a key manufacturing facility for the Spitfire aircraft.

The piece was designed by Natasha Rampley who worked closely with Paragon glass to bring her vision to life.

The client's design brief was that the piece needs to symbolise the sites roots but to have an inspiring natural look and Natasha came up with the idea of a spitfire wing decorated with the bird wing design.

To ensure the wing was anatomically correct, the design was based upon a real barn owl wing (kindly loaned to Natasha by a local museum). This was drawn out full size by our artists to create a working template then the mould t was painstakingly carved by hand.

The 2400mm high canterlevering panel was formed from 19mm thick clear toughened glass retained within concrete plinth.


Completed in 2005




Decorative Glass