London Business School


Working in conjunction with the fit out contractor, Saper Glass supplied and installed a new entrance to the school’s refurbished gift shop.

The entrance comprised of two separate doorsets, an inner set of all glass doors on patch fittings which were used as the day to day entrance, and an outer set of stainless steel framed glazed doors.

These outer doors were much more specialist. They were being installed to replace an original set of timber fire doors so of course had to be fire rated, and in order to give the most welcoming and unobstructed view into the gift shop the doors were required to be held open on magnets during normal trading hours.

This in itself is not particularly difficult to achieve with the right ironmongery, however the twist was that in the event of a fire, the doors would need to automatically close, but as the entrance was situated on an escape route, would have to also open outward in the direction of escape.

Standard fire rated profiles cannot achieve this requirement and only offer single action operation, so the Norm DAD system by Forsters was proposed as this system has been developed to provide a double action fire rated latchless doorset which in this application proved to be the perfect solution.


Completed in 2009


London, NW1


Internal Doorsets