CIP Lounge


Paragon Glass is the specialist glass decoration division of Saper Glass. They specialise in the unusual and as such every application tends to be bespoke .

One of their more challenging projects was in the manufacture of glass for the specialist joinery package within the British Airway’s CIP Lounges situated in both T3 and T5.

Key design elements included numerous Island and Gold bars, The Wine Gallery and Champagne Bar.

Island Bars or “Gondolas” as they are more commonly known are free standing bars with seating on all sides. These structures have a glass bar top and tapering low level cladding, all produced in kiln formed glass finished in either a back painted gold or hand silvered mirrored finish. These items were particularly challenging due to the shape and design of the bars, requiring the bar tops to be CNC processed to a U shaped at each end and a series of individual shaped panels within low level cladding to achieve the facetted end details.

The gold bars were used for refrigerated storage and dispensing of soft drinks and featured kiln formed glass splash backs painted metallic gold. The units also had UV bonded shelves and supports for glass storage above the counter.

Certain areas called upon more bespoke designs such as the Wine gallery where an impressive selection of quality wines was stored and displayed within glass cabinets at each end of the unit. This counter was again free standing and the counter back panel was required to be a clear textured glass providing a level of privacy, and a bespoke design replicating rows of wine bottles was developed specifically for the application.

Another bespoke texture was developed for the champagne bar which was a special variation of the Gondolas with bar top and low level cladding in specially designed kiln formed glass emulating rising champagne bubbles. The glass was in a hand silvered mirrored finish.


Completed in 2008


Heathrow T5


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