Saper Glass are approved UK suppliers of the innovative Madras® Glass product range, an extensive portfolio of high performance and decorative etched glass products.

On of the key products in the Madras® range is anti-slip glass and this is the perfect solution to ensure safety in any glass flooring or stair tread application. Fully tested and certified, Madras® anti slip glass is available in a variety of different designs and textures to suit all tastes. These include simple all over etched finishes like Ecosat Flooring and more elaborate patterns such as the ever popular Pixel flooring with it’s raised dot pattern and Linea which is formed from a series of narrow lines making it ideal for stair treads.

Select patterns such as Pixel and Punto are also available in transparent versions which provide both essential anti slip safety and enhanced levels of visibility not generally possible with anti slip glass.

Madras® Glass also offer an extensive range of decorative glass products that can be used for numerous applications such as glass doors, partition screens, shower enclosures, balustrades and wall cladding. These include geometric designs, luxurious textures and progressive etching which gently fades away from solid etch to clear. There is now even an anti scratch version of Ecosat which is designed specifically for use as tables and counter tops.