Saper Glass - Heron Pavillions

Introducing the truly frameless fire door.

It’s something that’s been on the wish list of architects and designers ever since the concept of glass doors was first developed, and now Saper Glass are pleased to bring you Lunax Contraflam, the very latest innovation in fire door technology.

Developed in Belgium by Lunax Fire Protection, Lunax Contraflam is the ultimate fire door solution providing maximum transparency with up to 60 minutes tested fire protection.

The door is floorspring mounted on discreet top and bottom clamp fittings and the unique design provides maximum flexibility allowing the door to be installed within a glazed screen system (timber or steel frame) or directly into a finished aperture without the need for a bulky perimeter frame section.

Lunax Contraflam is available in three levels of fire protection.

PYRO Integrity only, does not prevent radiant heat (E30-60)
VETRO Integrity with reduced levels of radiant heat (EW30-60)
PORTA Integrity and insulation to prevent radiant heat (EI30)

Lunax Contraflam doors have been tested and fully certified as both single and double leaf doorsets.

In a single leaf application all versions of Lunax Contraflam achieve a maximum door size of 1100mm x 2650mm.

In a double door application Lunax Contraflam achieves a maximum area of 6 square metres with a maximum width of up to 2530mm or a maximum height of up to 2640mm. Double door applications are currently certified to 30 minutes fire protection.