Saper Glass - Heron Pavillions

Glass flooring can be used in numerous applications both internally and externally to create staircases, link bridges, feature flooring, walk on rooflights and recessed display cases.

An area of glass flooring is typically created from individual glass tiles set within a load bearing framework. The glass tiles are manufactured as a thick laminated glass composite to carry the required design loading and ensure panel integrity in the event of a breakage.

Flooring panels can be supplied with an etched finish or a diffused interlayer to allow the flooring to be illuminated and can also be left clear to allow an unimpeded view through to an area below.

Please be aware though that an untreated glass surface can become slippery, so if the glass is intended to be walked on it is recommended to incorporate an anti slip top layer and we have the perfect solution to this with the wide range of fully tested anti slip glass flooring patterns available from Madras® Glass. Further details of all Madras® anti slip glass products can be found within the glass products section of our website.