Sandblast and acid etch techniques can be use individually or in combination to create a limitless array of design options.

Etched glass provides an attractive, durable alternative to applied vinyl manifestation in applications where light transmittance is required yet privacy is necessary. Typical examples would be partitioning, privacy screens, signage or any type of glazing which requires logos, graphics or text.

Our glass decorators can achieve a wide variety of finishes ranging from a basic all over flat etch to bespoke designs tailored precisely to a client's requirements. These can include complex patterns and artwork realised using tonal variation, computer cut stencils and depth sandblasting.

We also undertake acid work in house and can produce etched glass in various tones and levels of obscurity. The surface finish of acid etched glass is satin smooth, and provides a permanent, low maintenance finish.

Typically a single tone of acid would be applied across the whole face of the glass, however we can also offer a wide range of specialist acid textures and finishes, such as multi tone acids, stipple/bromish effects, clear depth embossing, and acid polishing of sandblasted works.

Acid polishing is a technique used to seal and protect sandblasted finishes. Not only does it provide durable and permanent protection, it can also be used to tone down the inherent whiteness of sandblasted glass to produce a softer more transparent finish. The technique can be used to stunning effect on depth carved glass.