Saper Glass - Heron Pavillions

Often a key focal point of a building, a structural glass canopy is both a practical item as well as an aesthetically pleasing feature.

Clear glass is always a popular choice for canopies but it is also possible to use tinted, etched, diffused or screen printed glass to create a more individual appearance.

As with all overhead glazing we recommend that canopies are glazed using a toughened and laminated glass.

This ensures safety at all times as if broken, a panel of toughened laminated glass will remain intact with no risk of falling unlike standard toughened glass which would disintegrate into small particles that would drop to the floor or onto any person unfortunate enough to be under the glass at the time.

Saper Glass can accommodate virtually any design of canopy whether it be of a flat, faceted or curved construction and can offer a wide range of support details from simple bracket and tie rod systems through to specially fabricated support arms and framework details.