Saper Glass - Heron Pavillions

A structural glass balustrade is designed to create a safe and effective barrier using the minimum amount of visible metalwork.

Saper Glass offer an extensive range of balustrade styles, from traditional baluster systems with glass infills through to cantilevering glass barriers where only the glass and hand rail are seen.

Whilst it is generally required for a barrier to have a hand rail fitted in order to comply with building regulations it is possible to achieve a compliant assembly without a hand rail if toughened laminated glass is used as in the event of a breakage this type of glass will retain its integrity ensuring that the barrier remains safe.

Full height barriers and atrium screens are also possible and again if a suitable laminated glass is used it is possible to achieve a compliant system without the need for a handrail.

Dry glaze balustrade systems are now widely available and Saper Glass can offer suitable systems that cater for most balustrade application. Typically these systems use a specially designed wedge detail to retain the glass in position rather than more conventional methods of clamping or structurally bonding. Standard applications are tested and pre approved which can negate the need for project specific structural calculations to be produced. They also allow for much easier deglazing should the glass ever need to be removed or replaced due to a panel breakage or design change.

Balustrades can be designed to accommodate a design loading from a basic domestic loading of 0.36kN/m right up to a 3.0kN/m crowd loading and whatever your requirements, Saper Glass have the products and expertise to accommodate it.